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Earlier this week my aunt Louise and I drove to Girdwood to drop off some art, etc. at my aunt Ellie's shop.  Well...it's only sort of Ellie's shop.  It's World Cup Sports,a ski shop, open for the summer as an experiment of sorts.  She's selling clothes and local art.  Louise is an awesome artist - you can check out her stuff here.This is one of my favorites: Here's the tiny pile of stuff that I took (it pales in comparison to the wall full of awesome art that Louise brought): I had a hard time deciding on things, so I went for an assortment. And for good measure, here's a picture of Kiva practicing being a good dog: I'm sure that moments before she assumed this pose she was bouncing (literally) around the house like a bunny.  Sometimes it's hard to be mad at her for her excessively rambunctious behavior, because it's rather hilarious.  I imagine that this is also how most children make their younger years alive - by being insanely cute and funny when they're being bad.  Good survival tactic.