mirror, mirror, on the wall...

Who's the fastest of them all?  

I am!

Ok, not really...but I kind of feel that way.  This week's track workout was kind of a doozie (which is pretty much the point, so I should stop acting surprised when I want to die halfway through).  After some warmups, I ran 4 x 200m, 4 hill repeats (was supposed to be 6, but that actually might have killed me), and then 4 x 200m.  Last week I ran my 200s at about 1:04, which is roughly an 8:30 mi.  This week...my slowest was 1:00, which is an 8:00 mi.  Yikes!  No wonder I only made it throught 4 hill repeats!  

Surprisingly (as if me running that fast wasn't surprisng enough), the 200s I ran after the hills were better.  I was able to maintain better technique even though I thought I might die at any moment.  

Unfortunately, I didn't get a tempo run in last week because of my schedule, but this week it's in the plans.  Warm up, 20 mins @ 8:30 pace, and cool down.  Eventually I'll work up to 20 mins at 8:30 pace, 5 mins rest, and another 20 mins at 8:30 pace.  And someday, when I'm really hardcore, I'll do three of those.  

Have a speedy week!