meanwhile in vermont....

What a whirlwind week its been!  I got home from San Antonio (which I still haven't written about) early Tuesday morning, worked Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, ran errands all day Saturday, attended the Arctic Valley auction on Saturday evening, and then got on a plane for the East coast late Saturday night.

Now we are hanging out with John's dad in Vermont, where the weather has been unseasonably warm.  It was almost 80 degrees today!

Photo Oct 14, 12:42:38

Yesterday we went to the Todd Lincoln house just outside of Manchester, VT.  My favorite part was the gardens.

Photo Oct 15, 17:29:14

Today we went to a nearby town and walked around the reservoir that's there.  It was a nice walk in the fall colors. 

Photo Oct 15, 15:07:15 Photo Oct 15, 15:08:56
My favorite part about being here is all the local food we get to eat.  Yesterday my breakfast was made from Vermont eggs, Vermont cheese, Vermont bacon, and my coffee had Vermont half and half.  So tasty!  I'm currently trying to convince John to move here.  I think the house next to his dad's has been for sale for 5 years...

The forecast for the next few days is for rain, so we will likely be helping John's dad with projects around the house (and by we, I mean him and his brother...I'll be reading...or knitting until they really need my help).