long run + rainy sunday afternoon laziness

Yesterday I went on a 12 mile run with my aunt.  It was really wet.  But, as I pointed out several times, I'll take 55 degrees and raining over 70 degrees any day.  I'm weird like that.  

It was a really hard run for me because I've been running mostly on the flats.  But that's the whole reason I wanted to go find some woods and hills...variety!  I was super glad to be done...and we were all a bit soggy.  I'm pretty sure I was carrying around at least 5 extra pounds of water in my clothes.  Kiva was a drippy mess who didn't dry out until well after 4pm (we got done at 11am).  

Photo Aug 11, 11 03 31Photo Aug 11, 11 23 27
(Note the water dripping off my ear, and how extremely soaked my pants are)

After a shower and some coffee with my dad, I took a two hour nap.  And when I woke up, I was feeling far to tired and lazy to make dinner.  

Photo Aug 11, 17 06 37
I had also been extremely nauseous after running, most likely due to dehydration (it's happened before and that was the cause) since I didn't drink much water at work the previous few days.  Nothing sounded good to eat except salt and vinegar chips, so I had some of those before my nap.  When I woke up from my nap, I felt better but shrimp tacos (what was on the menu) didn't sound good either, but sushi did (weird, I know), so I texted John to see if he was ok with a change of plans.  He was, so off to sushi we went after he got home!

Photo Aug 11, 19 38 51 Photo Aug 11, 20 04 15
I was starving since I had not really eaten anything after running...and ate approximately 100 lbs of sushi.  As Court said, "That's a lot of sushi."  

After sushi, it was home and off to bed.  I ended up sleeping 10 hours, and now I feel slightly better than I did yesterday...but I could definitely still use a nap.  Good thing it's still raining...perfect napping weather!