long-ish run

I've been trying to go on a run all week, but have failed miserably.  I keep telling myself that I will go for just one mile after work at least one day, but I never made it.  I think I need to take my running clothes to work and change into them before I get home so I have no excuses!

Today I managed to drag myself out for a long-ish run on the bike path.  I was uninspired to run by myself, and not thrilled about venturing into the woods alone given all the bears around.  I figured I would stick to somewhere that I knew there would be people.

I felt really good for the first couple of miles, then I got tired and it started to suck.  I've been having some shin pain (the souce of which is my super collapsing right arch), so I have been running in an older pair of more supportive shoes (I'm so sad, I love my Brook's Cascadias and my NB Minimus...but apparently they do not love me).  The shoes made my shins hurt less, but my ankles and feet hurt more.  

Screen shot 2012-06-03 at 9.11.12 PM
I wanted to go for 7 miles, then decided I would settle for 6 (so I turned around at 3), but ended up having to walk before I made it all the way home.  Oh well, at least I went.