learning to run

Yesterday was not nearly as productive as it should have been...but I did alright.  After getting up early to make John breakfast, I went back to bed.  Instead of getting up at 10 like I planned...I slept until noon.  Ack! 

After I finally pulled myself out of bed, I ate a larabar and went to Costco.  When I got home from Costco, I made myself a proper lunch.  Salad with leftover chicken and a very purple smoothie.

Photo May 14, 22 20 15
Then it was off to meet my mom for coffee.  After that, I headed out to Bartlett High School to meet my new running coach, Doug.  

No, I'm not becoming a professional (duh, I'm way to slow) and I'm not firing my other coach - my aunt pulls double duty as my very dedicated and horribly underpaid running coach...the least I could do is provide good conversation when we run together, but most of the time I can't even do that.  I just decided that if I was serious about getting faster, I should probably find a non-relative to whip me into shape.  

We worked on some pretty basic things, mostly related to form and exercises to strengthen muscles that are obviously weak on me (hip flexors anyone?).  It was kind of amazing that after 20 minutes of work, I was already running better.  I wish I could say that it was easier, but it wasn't because I was forced to use muscles that I haven't been using while I run.  The good news is that it was hard not to run faster, even though it was more work.  

After an hour of running on the track and learning exercises, I headed home to get Kiva and we went for a short run so I could practice my new form!  

My poor muscles were tired and cranky from all the work they are not used to doing, so I spent some quality time with my foam roller and some ice.  

Next up is working my last three night shifts this week...and figuring out how to switch myself to a normal persons schedule in 48 hours.