lamest 500th post ever

Apparently this is my 500th post.  The sad part is I have nothing to say!  I have tons of posts started, but I'm too lazy to finish any of them right now.  

Instead I'll give you an update on some random things...

Last weekend John had to run up to Arctic Valley to help out with a few things.  I tagged along and was fortunate enough to catch the beautiful sunset (it was -10 and windy up there, so I risked life and limb to get this photo)!

Photo Jan 27, 16 54 20
I'm currently working on a scarf knit in the round, it's almost done.  

Photo Jan 31, 12 43 59
Kiva has continued to be cuddly/clingy even though John is home.  I was sure she would snap out of it as soon as her herd was back together.  

Photo Jan 31, 12 55 10
Also, the other day when I was buying dog food, I saw this...

Photo Jan 31, 12 45 49
I was not aware that beaver was an appropirate protein source for dogs.  I told John that we could save a ton of money because I know where there is an abundance of beavers and then we can just make our own dog food.  

On the shin splint front, I've now been to PT twice.  It's both terrible and amazing.  I'm having active release therapy done on my shin and various other parts of my lower leg.  It hurts, but then it feels better.  The unfortunate part is that as we dig around and fix things, other things pop up that need to be fixed.  

Today as my PT was trying to move my guts out of the way so she could get to my psoas muscle and I was almost in tears I said "it's ok, I hurt people for a living too."  Which made us both laugh and caused me more pain!  

Ok, now it's time for a run.  I'm not excited about that because it's kind of gross out (again), but at least it's not frigid!