knitting instead of learning

Lately I have been on a knitting kick. Probably because I am nearing the end of the semester and have lost all my willpower to make myself do school related things. The struggle is real. 

This weekend I started a cardigan. I've been thinking about knitting this forever, but just didn't want to take on a big project since I haven't finished the other sweater that I'm working on (I have one sleeve left to knit and am worried I won't have enough yarn). I'm really good at starting projects and not so good at finishing them. Apparently that's a family trait. 

Since I powered through some serious school work on Saturday morning, I rewarded myself with a trip to the yarn store. Armed with a gift certificate, I picked out some yarn for this sweater and got to work!

Photo Jul 11, 13 15 25

Photo Jul 12, 08 51 07

It's slow going because I am also watching TV while knitting. Please, don't ask me what I'm watching because I'm kind of ashamed about it...but it's that time in the semester where I require mindless projects, books, and TV shows to recharge my brain!

In three weeks I should be done with everything except one test and I can be free until the end of August!!