knit coffee cozies

It's no secret that I love coffee, and right now I'm kind of obsessed with knitting too.  Since I've been stuck at home nursing a sore back and not being able to go out and enjoy the snow, I've been a knitting fool!  

I've knit up a few coffee cozies that I'm working on getting listed in the shop (mostly a matter of coordinating getting my good camera and said cozies in the same place at the same time while there is still daylight...all this is surprisingly challenging).  

Here's a couple of photos I grabbed with my phone (because I'm impatient and not good at keeping secrets and excited about them so I had to share them ASAP).

Photo Dec 10, 15 31 00

Photo Dec 10, 15 33 08
These are made out of wool (not superwash) so they will felt if they get washed in the washing machine (or in warm water).  I love them because they look like little sweaters for you coffee cup!

I'm working on some that are cotton too (so felting won't be an issue).

I should have these in the shop by this evening...or Thursday sometime (I'm working tomorrow and Wednesday).