july // currently


Spending time in Chicago with my family. We went to the beach to watch fireworks, attended a 4th of July parade, and sat by the pool at my uncle's house in Indiana. I stayed with another uncle and got to hang out with three of my cousins. It was fun to spend time with them and get to know them better! My dad and uncle went to the Grateful Dead concert...they said it was quite a spectacle. 

Feeling incredibly thankful that I got to have lunch with a dear friend who I have not seen in 15 years! We were able to "meet in the middle" for a brief reunion. We decided that we should not wait another 15 years before we see each other again. I'm keeping my eyes peeled for deals on airfare! 

Reading easy mindless reads between school books and homework (this was my most recent read on the plane, entertaining and quick). I've tried to get into other more thought provoking books over the past few weeks but have not had much success. I love reading, especially as a way to wind down before bed, but I have had to revise my strategy while my brain is overloaded with school related content!

Looking forward to the end of the semester in just over a month...and then a trip to Portland to visit friends!

Hoping I don't lose my my before August 8th. It seems like my list of school due dates is awfully big considering the semester is more than halfway over. 

Planning menus again. No matter how hard I fight it, it must be done. Right now I'm loving all the recipes from this website.