it's hot

While I was out and about this afternoon, the thermometer on my car said 79 degrees!  Too hot Alaska, too hot!

Photo Jun 22, 16 08 15
Good thing I went running this morning when it was only 65!  Today was the first day I have run in almost a week.  My shin is really no better and no worse, so I figured I'd just deal with long as it doesn't get worse.  I plan on running a little less the next couple of weeks to see how it goes and continue with my icing, stretching, foam rolling, and advil routine.

I was pretty consistent on pace today, probably becasue my legs were fresh from a week of rest!

Screen shot 2012-06-22 at 9.11.28 PM
Also, there were not a lot of hills on my that helped.  

This afternoon (after I was a good co-worker and went and helped out at work for a couple of hours) I sat in the sun, drank coffee, and caught up with a friend.  I may have gotten a slight sunburn...but it was totally worth it.  

Photo Jun 22, 16 10 46