it's hoo...

Yup...I'm whining again.  I know that I live in Alaska and it is cold here in the winter time, but it doesn't have to be this cold...seriously.

Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 5.07.48 PM
I decided to drown my cold weather sorrows in a warm beverage while shopping at Target (because normal resonable people totally drink sugary beverages when they aren't planning on exercising, right?).  As I was leaving I may have done the happy dance when I saw the thin wisps of clouds appear in the sky.  Clouds = warmth and sometimes even snow.

Photo Dec 03, 14 07 24
Another thing I did instead of running was make a training log for 2013 (more on that later).  I've been keeping track of my miles with a program online, but I think I want paper too.  

Now it's off to make dinner before we starve to death (on top of freezing to death).

Stay warm!