introducing the stronger runner club


There is not much I love more than getting super inspired to work on something and diving in head first! This morning I was inspired and have spent the last several hours working on my vision. Two snack breaks later, I'm well on my way! I still have more work to do, but I've gotten enough done to share it! Introducing the Stronger Runner Club!


When you sign up for the Stronger Runner Club you’ll get to join our private Facebook group. It's a place for you to check-in and be accountable for your daily fitness and running schedule!  It's also the home of the Stronger Runner Challenge. Every month or two there will be a new challenge and each day you’ll see a daily post with a workout to help you experience what it’s like to add some functional fitness into your running life. You are not required to participate in the challenge to enjoy the group.

This group is open to runners of all levels and those who are looking to start running or even walking.

You can check out the Stronger Runner Club info page here and sign up if you are interested! What's the worst that could do a few squats and start running faster?

I've also got a VIP bootcamp for those who want a little bit more. You can check out all the details of that here. The next one starts on September 7th and there's a link to the form you'll need to fill out on the info page.

Right now I'm planning to run the groups on Facebook, but I'm looking into other options. The more I use Facebook, the less I like the way it works, so I'm exploring some other ways to run online groups that are free to use.

Let me know if you are interested or have questions!