introducing martha florence // the shop

Lately I've been struggling with my online shop.  I haven't really been into creating new things for it or giving it the attention that it deserves.  I think it was because I was trying too hard to make things that fit together and belong under the umbrella of "Kiva & Co."  Since I have a day job, I figured this side business venture should be fun and I should enjoy making whatever I put into it.  

Enter Martha Florence // the shop.  I like to make stuff...and I want to share it.  No theme or specific medium, just things I made.  Don't worry, I'll only be selling things that are of a quality that I would purchase myself, you won't be buying my crafting mishaps.  The even better news is that if I decide to make only one of something and you are lucky enough to be the one who purchases will have a one-of-a-kind item.  That's way better than something that everyone else has!  

martha florence the shopI am planning on having a few of my best-selling cards listed as long as they keep selling.  

I currently only have three items listed and am testing out a new ecommerce website.  I have the free version at the moment, so I can only list five items with one photo each.  Depending on how things go, I might be upgrading soon (if not, I'll go back to coding my own shop as I did before).  

Let me know what you think...and stop by often as inventory will most likely change frequently!