in the green

I'm sitting at home on a night I'm supposed to be working...not skipping, just enjoying being on-call, trying to stay awake.  I've caught up on a few random projects that I've been putting off.  One of those is to update the spreadsheet I use to keep track of money related to Kiva & Co.  I was pretty excited to discover that I am currently enjoying a $5 profit!  I never intended for Kiva & Co. to make me lots of money.  I see it more as a self sustaining hobby.  Unfortunately that sometimes causes a few cash flow problems.  There are things that I want to purchase to make my product better, but I have to sell more product to make it worth the purchase.  I realize that this is not the best business model, but again, it was never intended to make me money, just to keep itself going.Thank you to everyone who has helped me keep my hobby as a side-business going!