i'm still here...

Never fear, I am alive and well.  I've been doing too much playing and working and no blogging.  

Last week was an amazingly beautifuly week here.  I also heard through the grapevine on Tuesday that the fishing had been pretty great.  So on Tuesday afternoon John and I decided we were going to Kenai to go dipnetting of Wednesday.  This decision turned my lazy Tuesday afternoon into a very busy one (which after doing 8 x 200 and 6 hill repeats, was a challenge).

I ran to Fred Meyer to get what we needed for dinner for the rest of the week, snacks for fishing, and get my fishing license and dipnetting permit.  That was all fine and good, except they were out of dipnetting permits.  So after getting groceries, I went home.  Then we went to Costco (because we had been planning on tackling that chore on Wednesday), bought a giant cooler and our groceries and a bunch of ice.  Then we went to a different Fred Meyer to get a couple of other things and track down the illusive dipnet permit.  They were out there too.  Thankfully, the guy at the customer service desk offered to call the (only) two other Fred Meyer stores and see if they had them.  One of them did and one did not.  Unfortunately, the one that did was further away.  So, we went there and got our premit and then headed home.  At this point it was 8pm.  We were planning on getting up at 4am so as to be on the road shortly after 5am.  So we ate dinner quickly, and headed to bed.  

Wednesday we got up at 4 and were on the road by 5:15 or so.  We didn't get stuck in any construction (which is why we had planned on heading out so early), and made good time to Kenai.  

It was an absolutely goregous day!

Photo Jul 18, 8 30 55
We met one of John's employees whose family was down there with a boat and went off in search of fish.  We managed to get a few fish, but had fun even though the fishing wasn't great that day.  You really can't beat a cloudless day in Alaska.  

John had a meeting he needed to be back in town for at 6:30, so we headed out around 3 in order to get back to town in time.  We packed our fish in ice in our cooler because we knew they would at least be spending the night in there before either of us had time to do anything to them.  

Photo Jul 18, 18 22 02
I went with John to his meeting so I could have some dinner.  Then we hurried home and I went to bed so I could go to work the next morning.  

I knew work had been busy because I had gotten a phone call every day I was off to see if I could come in and help.  So, when I got there on Thursday morning, I was not surprised that things were still busy.  Right now I'm orienting one of the new nurses to being a scrub nurse.  We did three c-sections, which managed to take all day because of the way they were spaced out and seemed to all take longer than usual.  By the end of the day we were both worn out.  

When I got home, John had all the fish filleted (yay!) and we cooked one up for dinner.  Just a little bit of salt and pepper on top and then cooked on the grill.  Yum!

Photo Jul 19, 20 30 04
I ended up going straight to bed after dinner and left John downstairs vacuum packing all the fish.  I was so tired that I don't even really remember him coming upstairs (I think the dog might have jumped on me, but I'm not sure).  

Friday turned out to be even more insane at work because we had more patients and fewer nurses.  Thankfully, we all worked well as a team and got through the day ok.  Most of us even got a lunch break which is rather impressive for a day like that.  What I did not do was have any water all day long, which left me with a headache and waking up in the morning very very thirsty!  It's hard to hydrate when you know you don't have time to go to the bathroom!

Friday night was a repeat of Thrusday, I ate dinner and went straight to bed because I was having a hard time staying awake while eating.   

When my alarm went off on Saturday morning, I thought I was going to cry.  I was sore and very very tired.  Lucky for us, Saturday was a very nice day in Labor and Delivery.  A much deserved break after almost a week of insanity.  

I was so tired from fishing and working, that I skipped my long run on Sunday (I'm going to go this afternoon instead) and slept for 12 hours (I slept for 12 hours again last night too)!

Tomorrow I'm headed to Centralia, WA for work, so my blogging might continue to be sparse.