i'm not a planner...but i try

Due to being completely uninspired while creating this weeks meal plan, I had to scour the interwebs for ideas and inspiration.  While scouring, I came across a recipe management website that has iPhone and iPad apps and is 100% FREE!  I have been using Paprika, which I love but is expensive - $10 for the iPad app, $5 for the iPhone app, and $20 for the desktop version.  I only purchased the iPad app because that is what I use in the kitchen.  As far as I can tell PepperPlate is very similar.  And did I mention it's FREE?

I have added most of my recipes via my computer through the PepperPlate website.  It's quite easy and there are a number of supported websites where you just paste in the link to the recipe and the website does all the work.  

The other thing I like about it is the meal planner.  I'm not very good at planning things...the fact that I plan dinner for an entire week is kind of a miracle.  However, this makes it really easy to plan breakfast and lunch too.  My plan for this week looks a little funny because I'm working Wed, Thur, and Fri night so I didn't plan breakfast because I don't usually eat breakfast when I get home and the meal I eat when I get up on work nights is dinner.  

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 5.23.15 AM
It's really easy to move things from day to day, and you can add whatever you want, even if you don't have a recipe for it.  I will probably stick to using Google Calendar for my dinner planning because it's easy to share with John and it shows the days I work.  But if it turns out that planning my meals on PepperPlate is life-changing...I might switch.  

Screen shot 2012-02-06 at 5.29.30 AM