would you like ice with that?

I have been consuming a lot of beverages that require ice lately.  Mostly iced coffee and smooties with a few ice cubes to make them cold and refreshing after exercising.  

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The other day I noticed that there wasn't much ice in the bin in the freezer, so I turned on the ice maker (we don't use enough ice to leave it on all the time).  A day or two later I noticed that there was even less ice in the bin than before...hmm.  I turned off the ice maker and then turned it back on.  Several hours later I noticed that I never heard it do anything (it's pretty loud for a couple of seconds when it comes on, and when it dumps the ice it always scares me).  

When John came home I told him he had to fix the ice maker.  Secretly I was hoping that it was unfixable and we could just get a new refrigerator.  I hate our fridge.  It's massive and it's the kind with the freezer on one side and the fridge on the other.  The shelves are really deep so it's hard to keep things from getting lost in the back.  I want the kind with the fridge on the top and the freezer drawer on the bottom.  I think LG makes my dream fridge (at the measly price tag of $2000).  

Anyway, John took it apart and looked at it.  Then watched a YouTube video about how to fix your ice maker and determined that the heater that heats the pan up so it can dump the cubes out, is burned out.  So he ordered a new one and we should have a functioning ice maker in a couple of weeks.  

I guess I'm glad he knows how to fix stuff.  I would have just gone out and bought a new fridge...and then been sad when I had no money to buy groceries to fill it up! :)