hurricane, alaska style

Only in Alaska do you get a hurricane that has no name.  Why?  Because we don't have hurricanes we just have wind storms...

Some people are going 40+ hours without power.  Thank goodness this didn't happen during the winter, because it has been reported that some people may remain without power through the power means no heat for most people.  

It was reported that winds gusted up to 130 mph, those reports are unofficial since most of the wind sensors lost power during the storm.  

While all this was going on Tuesday night, I laid in bed and tried to sleep.  It was hard between the power surges (my phone was plugged in and beeped every time), howling wind, the sound of transformers blowing, and a very clingy dog.  

We lost power sometime around 1am, but were fortunate enough to get it back around 10am the next morning.  

You can read the Anchorage Daily News article here, and see the damage here and here.