how I was excused from jury duty

This week I had the pleasure of being called in for jury duty.  My dad has always told me that I am pretty much guaranteed to not be on a jury given that he is a prosecutor.  John told me that I should just tell them that I'm a prosecutor's daughter who is stubborn, opinionated, and I think I'm always right.Well...he was right.  I had to fill out two questionnaires, one very general and one very specific to the charges in the case.  After questions about my name, date of birth, where I was raised, and occupation, they asked "are you related to a cop or a prosecutor?" Bingo!  Why yes I am...thank you and goodbye.  In the second questionnaire (which I'm not really supposed to talk about) there were specific questions about the charges.  Luckily, my dad deals with cases with similar charges all the time AND I often see people in the hospital who have been victims of similar crimes (although they haven't necessarily been to court over it).  I pointed that out as well as the fact that I have very strong opinions about people who commit these types of crimes.  I pretty much worked every angle (other than the I'm always right part), and promptly got excused from further jury duties this week. Thanks dad!!