how i keep the floors (sort of) clean

A couple of years ago, John and I purchased a Mint Floor Cleaner.  We debated between that and a Roomba, but after reading a detailed review about how the Mint's navigational system is better, we went with that.  

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Before the Mint, we used the Swiffer vacuum/mop to clean our wood floors downstairs (they are actually laminate floors that were installed terribly, I'm pretty sure they are on our list of things to fix around here), which worked ok, but made a lot of noise, and did more pushing around of the dirt than actually picking it up.  Also, the dirt receptacle is incredibly small and needed to be emptied multiple times in order to maximize vacuum power.

I don't remember if the Mint came before or after the dog, but at some point we decided that trying to keep the floors clean was a big and annoying we looked for a better solution.  Enter the Mint.  

It is not a vacuum.  It is a broom and a mop.  It comes with microfiber cloths for both dry and wet mopping, or you can use it with Swiffer cloths (both dry and wet).  It has been a life saver.  

It's relatively quiet, so we just run it when we go to bed (that keeps the dog from herding it).  It does tend to deposit bits of dirt in corners, but that's much easier to deal with than a whole dirty floor.  During spring and summer we try to run it every night (those are the times of year when lots of dirt gets tracked inside).  Otherwise, several times a week is sufficient.  We run the dry cloths several days in a row, and then the wet (it wet mops better if there isn't a lot of loose dust and dog hair floating around).  

It was definitely worth the money we spent...especially with a dog.  It keeps our floors clean with little to no effort, which is something that is important to me (if you know me, you know that I hate cleaning and generally choose not to do it).  The only time it doesn't work well is when we forget to run it!

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