Apparently I've been hibernating.  Given that the temperature has barely made it above zero degrees, this is not unexpected.Not much has been happening around here.  Annie dog came to stay with us over the weekend.  Her parents and grandparents were out of town, so she got to come and play with Kiva for a few days. This week I've had seven days off (currently at day seven of seven).  My first two days off I attempted to be productive and ran errands.  Then Saturday, I stayed in bed all day (minus the hour I spent having coffee with my dad and Paula).  Annie was more than happy to keep me company during my day of napping. Sunday John and I hung out...and went to Costco.  Then I took a nap...for three hours. Oops! Monday was equally unexciting.  As was Tuesday.  Although I did manage a run with Annie (my friend, not the dog) in below zero temps.  She's running the Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon too...sometimes it's nice to have someone to suffer with when you are forced to run in the freezing cold. I'm also working on a few new things for the shop which I should be able to get listed sometime tomorrow.  Here's a sneak peek... More info coming when I get them listed!