hello february...

February graphic

How is it February already?  I must have missed January due to extensive hibernation, related to the fact that we are had one of the coldest January's ever.  According to the National Weather Service, the average temperature was 3.8 degrees.  The coldest January ever in Anchorage, was in 1947 (the average temp was -1 degree), and the last two coldest January's were in 1996 (6 degree average) and 1989 (3.4 degree average). 

This month, I am looking forward to  going to the chiropractor.  The rib I sprained last year is starting to bother me again, and I am having a few other random musculoskeletal issues that I need to have dealt with before I become incapacitated.

Also, John and I are headed to Florida at the end of the month for my half marathon (you can read about the Disney Princess Half Marathon here) and a cruise! It is a little difficult to process that I will be running a race in temperatures that are almost 100 degrees warmer than what I've been training in.  I hope I don't melt.

Other than that I will be working, running, and trying to stay warm!