grain-free granola by larabar


I hesitate to tell anyone about this stuff because then you'll all go to Costco and buy it and then they'll be out and I will never be able to find it again (as always seems to happen with all things good at Costco), but I'm going to take one for the team and share anyway.

This stuff is amazing!  Like the traditional Larabar, it has real ingredients and nothing you can't pronounce listed in the ingredients list.  The Cinnamon Nut flavor has almonds, sunflower seeds, molasses, pumpkin seeds, pecans, raisins, cashews, tapioca syrup, cinnamon, and vanilla.  That's it!  And it's. so. good.

So far I have eaten it by the handful, with yogurt, and with almond milk (just as I would do with regular granola).  Obviously my favorite flavor is Cocoa Coconut (duh! chocolate!), and I have to restrain myself so I don't eat the whole box in one day!

This stuff has my seal of approval!