good eats - 8/6

Here are today's eats...

Banana pancakes (1 banana, 2 eggs, vanilla, chia seeds, and coconut - blend, cook) w/ almond butter
Coffee w/ milk (working on making my own coffee creamer...almond milk is too thin, coconut milk is too thick and tastes weird on it's own...more on that when I get it right)

Photo Aug 06, 19 29 18
Photo Aug 06, 19 32 17

Pre-Workout Snack:
GF (homemade) tortilla with cheese 

Leftover sausage and polenta

Photo Aug 06, 19 36 13

Afternoon Snack:
Almond chocolate chunk cookie (so good!) 

And later on I made myself an iced chai with almond milk (it prevented further snacking)

Photo Aug 06, 16 20 20

Beef curry
Cauliflower Rice

30 min swim (500 yd) 

All real food...all ingredients pronounceable!