Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

I'm not usually into gift guides, but for the first time in many years I am struggling to buy Christmas gifts for my family. And because I'm also here to help others live a healthy lifestyle, I thought that a healthy holiday gift guide might help you figure out what to add to your list or what to get for those special people in your life that are trying to make healthy choices too.  healthy-holiday-gift-guide

1. Fitbit 

My Fitbit is one of my favorite fitness tools. While it doesn't always help motivate me to get out the door (it definitely has that effect for some people), I love having the data to back up my day. From how many hours I slept to how active (or lazy) I was on a given day, I love the numbers!

2. VitaMix 

My VitaMix (a Christmas present from my BF several years ago) is one of my favorite kitchen tools. Most days I use it to make smoothies, but it's also great for making cauli rice, pesto, mayo, or Sunshine sauce. You might think that you are perfectly happy with your $32 blender...which you may be, but that's just because you haven't used a VitaMix yet!

3. Instant Pot

Crockpot + pressure cooker + saute pan = meal prep miracle. This does more than that, but those are the features that I'm most excited about. I don't have one yet, but it's on my birthday/Christmas list, so hopefully by the new year I'll be cooking up a storm in my Instant Pot. I often avoid crockpot recipes because they require me to pre-cook some things in a pan before putting in into the crockpot. The saute function of the Instant Pot solves that problem completely! Welcome back one pot meals!

4. Garmin

My second favorite fitness tool is my Garmin watch. As I said before I love numbers, and my Garmin gives me all the numbers - pace, calories, mileage, time, etc. There's a FitBit that also functions as a GPS watch which would solve the problem of requiring both tools, but that might not be right for everyone. 

5. Spiralizer

When attempting to make healthier choices, sometimes it is necessary to find healthy substitutions for the foods you miss the most. I'm a sucker for pasta, so being able to make zucchini or sweet potato noodles instead of processed junky pasta, I can make nutrient dense pasta substitutes with my spiralizer. 

6. FatFace skincare products

I wrote a whole blog post about my love for FatFace skincare products. Enough said. 

7. Tin Star Foods Ghee

For the foodie in your life. I know that I would be extremely happy to receive container of delicious ghee in my stocking this Christmas...hint, hint. 

8. Deep Tea Diver Infuser 

Drinking tea is good for you health. But like anything that's good for you, it's better if you find a way to make it fun. This super cute tea infuser will help you look forward to your morning (or evening) cup of tea. 

9. Primal Palate Organic Spices

Who doesn't need delicious spices in their cupboard?? You shouldn't have to eat boring food, and the best way to make your food tasty while still being good for you is to get fancy with your spices! 

What's on your list?

{Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means that when you purchase using the link I shared I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. A simple way to say thanks and to let me know you like what I'm doing!}