frosty bottom 25M: week 1

First week...done!  Even though the mileage only goes up from here, I'm hoping I'll start feeling a little better as I get deeper into training.  I think running two races in one week is finally starting to catch up with me, I'm just glad that happened after I was done racing!  

4mi easy 

I had some extra time due to being on call for work instead of having to go in so I went for a run, even though I wasn't planning it! I felt pretty good considering it was the first run after my half at Disneyland, but I got tired way faster than I was expecting.  It was a lovely sunny day though!

3.9 miles/41:05/10:35 avg pace


While I didn't exactly rest, I didn't really go running either.  I walked approximately 500 miles at work was such a busy day! My feet definitely hurt by the end of 12 hours.


Again, not exactly a restful rest day, but no running.  I spent 6 of my 12 hours at work standing (in the operating room doing c-sections), and the other 6 walking.  Definitely exhausted after two super busy days.

8 mile run, last 1 mi @ moderate pace
5 mile easy run w/ hill sprints

I wasted most of my day and finally decided to go running after Kiva sent me a very strongly worded message that we needed to go running.  I texted my friend Amber to see if she wanted to run, because 8 miles by myself seemed like a terrible idea.  She said she wasn't going to be able to run this afternoon but she was planning 8 miles with 6 @ tempo tomorrow.  So I said I would join her.  I decided to just swap Thursdays run with Wednesday and planned an easy 5ish miles.

Kiva and I ended up running on the trails, but it turned into more of an obstacle course than a relaxing trail run.  We had to jump over/go under/go around numerous trees that had fallen during the wind storm last week.  

4.7mi/58:00/12:27 avg pace

5 mile easy run w/ hill sprints
8 mile run with 6 @ tempo (9:45) 

At 7:30am I headed to Amber's house to get our tempo run underway.  Once we got out the door and started running, we were both unsure whether we would make the whole 6 miles of tempo we had planned.  We felt pretty good, but it seemed like a stretch.  We made it through 2 miles without much trouble and then decided we would take a break when we hit mile 4 (our 3rd tempo mile) so she could check on her kiddo and make sure he was warm enough.  That made the next mile go by sooooo slowly...but we did it.  Once we turned around we had some Gu and water and carried on...much more slowly than before.  My legs felt like lead, but I was determined to get at least another mile in.  I realize now it was so much harder when we turned around because we were going uphill.  Stupid hills.  

Screen shot 2012-09-13 at 11.45.51 AM
We stopped to walk a few more times, once up a large hill (right after mile 6), then just as we were hitting mile 7 (Amber got a phone call that she needed to take), then at about 7.5 we were done and started our cool down.  

Overall I'm happy with how this run went, but will definitely be looking to improve my tempo running abilities in the not too distant future.  

Also, an added bonus of running so much...a very tired dog.  She's been doing a lot of snoring.  Occasionally she will get up and relocate, flop down dramatically, and then go back to snoring.  I love a tired dog!

Photo Sep 13, 10 25 53
7.8 miles/1:29:05/11:25 avg pace (3.75 mi of tempo @ 9:45 - 10:00)

8 miles, last 2 @ HMP

I was super tired and uninspired to run today.  I decided I would go for an hour and see how far I got.  I ran on the bike path and the trail and back on the bike path and back on the was running route ADD

Screen shot 2012-09-14 at 9.55.29 PM
5.14 miles/1:03:49/12:25 avg pace

6 mi, easy

I didn't quite make it 6 miles, but I wasn't really trying to.  I decided (since I'm tired and such) that I would just run for an hour and see how far I got.  I also decided that I wanted to go hide in the woods since it was rainy and windy and just plain nasty out (they are predciting round 2 of the alaska hurricane to come sometime tonight)'s always more pleasant in the woods when the weather is questionable. 

Kiva and I had a lovely easy (but hilly) run.  The wind and rain didn't really bother either of us.  It's hard to be grumpy about the weather when you have fall scenery to look at. 

Photo Sep 15, 18 06 26
I even kind of enjoyed (and felt pretty good on) the hills.  

Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 8.24.47 PM
5.16 miles/1:04:46/12:34 avg pace

This week marked the most miles I have ever run in a week (I don't have documentation to prove that I've never run more miles than this, but I'm fairly confident that I have not).

Screen shot 2012-09-15 at 8.34.04 PMTotals for Week 1:
Miles: 26.7 (a mere .3 shy of my planned 27 miles for this week)
Time: 5:16:48