frost bottom 25 miler

Frosty Bottom 25 Miler

My current racing schedule (listen to me...I sound like I'm a serious runner or something...) is severely lacking, especially from the middle of October until April.  I'm planning on running the Zombie 1/2 Marathon on 10/13, but then I didn't have a race to run until April when I plan on running the SLO 1/2 Marathon.  For me, this is a recipe for disaster.  Although I love running, if I have no goal race coming up, I can find plenty of excuses to sit around and be fat and lazy and not run.  If I have a race, it's a lot harder to make excuses.  Mostly the threat of pain if I do not train appropriately is enough to motivate me to get out the door.  Enter the Frosty Bottom 25 Miler (there's a 50 miler too, but I'm not that crazy).  Who wouldn't want to run 25 miles in January in Alaska?  

Here is the first iteration of my training plan.  It is based off of the Level 1 Marathon training plan from the book Run Faster from the 5K to the Marathon by Brad Hudson.  I highly recommend this book, he has a lot of good tips for training and creating your own training plans.  

Screen shot 2012-09-12 at 1.50.57 PM
The days that are highlighted in that ugly peachy color are days that I am working.  And in weeks 10-17 it looks like I scheduled all my workouts in a row, but I do not plan on executing them in that manner.  As I get my work schedule, I will rearrange them to the appropriate days since it's really hard for me to run on days I work.  I'm also going to be attempting double workouts some days in order to get the miles in that I feel I need to get in order to be able to finish a 25 mile race and feel good about myself.  I have no real time goal for this race other than finshing.  As much as I want to set a more specific goal, knowing that it will be run in January (cold) and on the snow (very difficult) I think I would be setting myself up for disappointment if I did that.  

If anyone wants to join me in this race, you can run, ski, or bike!! 

Basic Weekly Goals:

  • Mileage! 
  • One double workout day a week 
  • Did I mention mileage? 

Week 1 (9/9)
Sunday: rest 3.8 mi @ 10:36
Monday: rest
Tuesday: rest
Wednesday: 8 miles easy, last 2 moderate 4.6 miles @ 12:27 (easy) w/ 2x hill sprints
Thursday: 5 mi easy w/ hill sprints 7.8mi @ 11:21avg w/ 3.5mi @ 9:45
Friday: 8 miles easy, last 2 moderate
Saturday: 6 miles easy 

Week 2 (9/16)
Sunday: 11 mi w/ 2 @ 10:23
Monday: 6 mi easy w/ hill sprints
Tuesday: 7 mi fartlek (10 x 45sec @ 10k pace, 9:49)
Wednesday: 8 mi easy + swim
Thrusday: rest
Friday: swim
Saturday: rest