fraternal stripes socks

I FINALLY finished this pair of socks I've been knitting for my dad since June.  

Striped-socks-1They are knit out of one ball of Online Supersocke 100.  I split the ball in half by winding it into two separate balls starting from opposite ends of the original ball, which is why the stripes are opposite.  


I knit these two and a time and from the toe up.  I used the fish lips kiss heel for the first time (best. heel. ever.) which was recommended by a knitter friend.  I learned how to knit socks using a heel flap, but find that to be frustrating and just doesn't work well for me.  The fish lips kiss heel is a short row heel that is a little different from other short row heels.  The pattern costs $1.  Completely worth it.  


Next up is...another pair of socks!  I immediately cast on these Ginkgo Socks with some yarn that I've had for awhile and been unable to decide what to do with.  

Happy knitting!