four cheese pasta (aka a less classy version of pasta ai quattro formaggi)

Ree over at The Pioneer Woman (aka my website idol) posted a delicious looking post that inspired my (less classy) dinner.  Her Pasta ai Quattro Formaggi looked too good to pass up.  But of course we couldn't eat just cheese and pasta for dinner (well, we could, but my mom would be sad that I didn't learn how to eat a well rounded meal...or my vegetables), so I added my own modifications to it (also because I can't exactly follow a recipe...I always change things...even when I'm baking).I mostly followed Ree's recipe, using my own cheese choices of course.  I used a delicious "rugged mature" English cheddar, Fontina (which apparently is a "Sweedish melting cheese"), Romano, and goat cheese.  So, although my meal was less classy, it was definitely multicultural. To add substance to my delicious cheesy meal, I cut up some onion, asparagus, and broccoli and sauteed it in olive oil and lemon.  Then I cooked some shrimp and served the pasta with the veggies and shrimp on top.  It was pretty darn tasty...and cheesy. All the cheeses! (Have I ever mentioned that I love cheese?  I actually can't think of the last time I made a dinner that did not include cheese.) I forgot to mention THE most important part of this recipe...find someone (or something) to guard your cheese. Enjoy!