focus52 - {19/52}

Today was the Region IV track meet (big schools in the Anchorage area, qualifier for the State meet).  My cousin Jani (pronounced like Yanni, but spelled the right way...if you're part Finnish) is a runner.  A good runner.  Well, actually, he's kind of awesome.  Anyway, he runs fast.  John and I went to watch him run the 1600m today.  He runs so fast it's hard to take pictures of him running (not to mention the fact that there was a fence in the way).Jani is the one on the right My aunt Louise (Jani's mom), has been a ski coach (and a skier and a runner) for many years so she's used to the competitive atmosphere that comes with athletic events.  BUT, she still gets really nervous when she watches Jani race. Watching: Coaching: