focus52 {11/52}

Well...I'm still sick. Ok, maybe not still.  It all started two, no three, weeks ago.  I got sick, got "better," got a horrible cough, and then got sick again.  Ick.I went to the doctor and she said that I either have a virus...or pertussis (whooping cough).  Yup.  Awesome.  Anyway, I almost didn't have a photo for this week, but then I had an idea.  I have interpreted "green" (this weeks prompt) to be related to illness...and thus I show you my arsenal. All of these are things I have been using in an attempt not to cough so hard that I can breathe (which keeps happening).  Today is the first day that I might be showing minimal signs of improvement (i.e. I can complete a sentence without coughing up my lungs).  The non-prescription cough medicine is my third bottle in a week and a half. It's not easy being green.