five things

guac shirt 1. This shirt!

2. These are really good pointers on how to write a sympathy card.  When I worked in L&D we would send cards to every patient who lost a baby. People always commented that they didn't know what to write. My theory was that even just signing your name was fine. I wrote the same thing in almost every card...and it was cheesy, but it was 100% better than not writing anything.

3. 10 things that are BACKED BY SCIENCE that will make you a happier person. Science!

4. I posted this article on Facebook a couple of weeks ago, but thought it was worthy of the blog as well. An interesting look at how important your diet is. I'm glad to have a superfood shake I drink every morning to help supplement my probably micronutrient poor diet. 96% of Americans are micronutrient deficient due to poor diets and poor farming practices (not enough nutrients in the soil). That's a lot. Don't let this happen to you! (And email me or leave a comment if you want to get in on the superfoods. It's not hard to drink it every's chocolate...or vanilla if that's more your taste)

5. Need a pep talk?