Recently, I purchased a new gadget called a FitBit.  At first, I thought it was just an overpriced pedometer (which it kind of is), but it actually does quite a lot more than that. My favorite part is the website that accompanies the tracker (free to use for those both with and without trackers).  It has info about how many calories you should be consuming (based on your gender, height, and weight) and it updates the amount based on how active you are.  You can track what you eat and it gives you a running tally of how many more calories you should consume as well as how many were added to your daily allotment based on your activity. Obviously I haven't done much today...but to my credit, it is only 1:38am and I have been sitting at my computer since before midnight.   Also, please note that my daily calorie allotment starts out at 900 cal/day (I have it set to make me lose 2lbs/week), it almost always increases to 1200 with just normal daily activity...I don't want you all to think I'm starving myself...although if you know me, you know how much I enjoy food. It also translates your steps into miles (the default stride length is based on your height, you can calibrate it if it is extremely inaccurate for you), and determines how many flights of stairs you've climbed (10ft of elevation gain = 1 flight of stairs). My favorite is the graph of your activity throughout the day. You can use it to track your sleep (I don't), which is why it says "excluding sleep" under activity breakdown (that's also why it looks like I sat around and did nothing for 20+hours). I slept from 2am until noon, was running errands around 2:30pm, and went running around 4pm.  I love how it looks on the graph.  Next time I have a busy night at work, I will have to post the graph of how that looks too. I just saw that Nike is coming out with something similar that is a bracelet.  That might be a better design than the FitBit because I wear mine on my pants and I have almost sent it to the laundry at work a couple of times, that would be harder to do if it were on your wrist. I haven't been at work in a week (that's where I have been weighing myself), so I don't know if it's actually helping me obtain my health and fitness goals, but at the very least it's a fairly effortless way to count calories and keep track of exercise.