finally, a headband that stays put!

I have always been jealous of people who can wear headbands while they exercise.  Heck, I've kind of always been jealous of people who can wear headbands period.  

I have a lot of hair and it is slightly unruly and it gets in my eyes.  It's especially bad when I'm running.  I've tried many different varieties of headbands (the cheap "sticky" ones from Target have been the best until now), but none of them would stay on once I started moving around.  My hairdresser proclaimed that I do not have a very "prominent occipital bump" which was most likely contributing to the problem.  

Lately I have read of people singing the praises of various velvet backed headbands on their blogs (there are several different brands (BIC Bands, Glitter Bands, and Sweaty Bands to name a few...).  I was intrigued at the concept of a headband that truly didn't slip (even though I was aware that my problem was not entirely related to slippage).  

A couple of days ago while I was perusing the sale racks at REI, I noticed that they were selling Sweaty Bands.  So I decided to buy one (at $15 for one band, I have previously been unwilling to buy one and pay for shipping) and try it out.  

sweaty band headband

I'm here to tell you...they don't slip.  Tiny occipital bump be will no longer be headband free!  It's now 4:30pm and I've been wearing it all day.  I even went to Costco while wearing it.  It doesn't budge.  

I still need to test it while running, but I have high hopes for this one!

Now I want one in every color...