feed your brain

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If you are committing to a healthier lifestyle in 2015, here's something to get you started...

This podcast is an interview with Dr. Perlmutter, the guy who wrote the book Grain Brain.  He's a practicing neurologist and has a lot of knowledge and practical experience in treating people with neurological disorders.  This is one of the most fascinating interviews I have listened to in a long time.  He presents some extremely good reasons to stop eating gluten, sugar, and most carbohydrates as well as some very interesting research and information about how adding the right fats into your diet can actually reverse some of the disease processes that many claim are caused by fats.  

I think one of the most interesting things was the discussion about how gluten sensitivity is present in almost 70% of the population but that it hardly ever manifests itself with GI symptoms.  Most people who have a neurological disorder test positive for gluten sensitivity.

I definitely don't believe that a low-carb diet is right for everyone (especially
if you are an athlete), but I do believe that a diet low in junky sources of carbs is right for everyone.  Carbs should come from starchy veggies not grains.  I feel the same way about sugar.  Skip the OJ and eat and apple instead (drinking a glass of OJ is like drinking an entire can of Coke).  

Protect your brains friends!  


Here's a link to the article Dr. Perlmutter cites from the New England Journal of Medicine of the low-fat vs. low-carb, moderate fat diet and the effects on weight loss and cardiovascular health.