fall travel plans

Right now I have four trips planned between now and the end of November!  I think this will be an all time high for me for number of miles traveled in three months.

Fall travel
Disneyland - Aug 31 - Sept 2 (4,684 mi): Heading down to LA for Labor day weekend to run the Disneyland Half Marathon with Amanda.  It's going to be a fast and furious trip...but oh so much fun!

Morro Bay, CA -Sept 13 - Sept 22 (4,704 mi): A few months ago my dad asked if I would be interested in taking a trip to Morro Bay with him since he had a companion ticket that needed to be used up.  I'm not one to pass up a travel opportunity...so of course I'm going!  The bonus part of this trip is that my dear friend Margaret is coming down from Portland for the weekend to hang out!  Yay!!

Cape Cod & Vermont - Oct 14 - Oct 23 (7,998 mi): We were invited by John's dad to join them in Cape Cod for a week this fall.  Due to me trying to cut down on the number of paid vacation days (I'm trying to save up for something big), we suggested that we plan a Wednesday to a Wednesday, but that wasn't possible.  So John and I are heading down on a Tuesday, staying on the Cape with them until Saturday, and then spending another few days in Vermont to round out our week.  

Maui - Nov 16 - Nov 27 (5,596 mi): I have been wanting to go back to Maui since we first went there a couple of years ago.  So, thanks to the magic of the companion ticket (I love you Alaska Airlines!) we will be starting our winter off with some sun and sand!  

Total miles: 22,982

I know I'm going to have to put up with a lot of crap from people at work (they all think all I do is go on vacation...which is not entirely true), but it's going to be completely worth it!