fall shop update

I just listed a couple of new items in the shop this morning...and I have more coming (although they may not make it until after I have finished all of my fall traveling)! 

First are the fall colors dishcloths:

Fall dishcloth
100% cotton, perfect for the kitchen or as a washcloth.  They are chunky and soft for all your cleaning needs!!

I also listed some eco-friendly cloths:

Eco dishcloth2
Made from 75% recycled cotton!  The other 25% of the fiber is acrylic, which I usually hate to work with, but I think it works with this blend.  The yarn (and the finished product) don't feel scratchy or stiff like most yarns with acrylic in them. 

I've been crocheting like a mad woman to get these done!  They don't take terribly long, so it's quite satisfying to sit down be done with a set in a couple of hours.