etsy gotta have it: ice ice baby

So I've come up with a new format for this post.  I'm going to try it out for awhile and see how I (and you) like it.  I'm going to post a collection of things that I find on Etsy instead of just one item.  I always have a hard time deciding on one thing, so this solves that problem.  My only concern is that it's slightly more labor intensive which means it's more likely to get missed more often.  I love putting time and effort into my's just that my time (and effort) is limited.I've been ridiculously overheated lately.  It's partly related to the fact that apparently Alaska is now a warm (and humid) place to the summer anyway.  So I've been desperate to be cool (and not clammy).  Here's my (small) collection of things to cool you off in the heat (individual items are clickable...check them out!):









Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

Stay cool!