eaten alive

Yesterday's run was full of mishaps, the most notable of which was that I got attacked by a swarm of killer mosquitos.  I wish I was making it up.  I had to stop to fix a wardrobe malfunction and they descended upon me. 

Thank goodness I have a highly trained mosquito attack dog.  

I carried on in an attempt not to have all of my blood sucked by the little buggers.  At one point there was what I imagine looked like a scene from a movie, as I came flying out of the woods into a field followed by the swarm, swatting, and jumping, and flapping my arms.  Kiva was hopping around trying to eat them and then rolling in the grass trying to get them off of her.  

I have counted 17 bites thus far...the worst of which is on my butt (so if you see me in public scratching my butt, don't worry about it).  That's one bite for every three minutes I was running.  

My whole back side from my neck to my ankles is covered.  See those three giant welts?  Those happened through my shirt...

Photo Jul 10, 15 39 49
I have lived in Alaska my entire life, and I can't remember ever having to deal with such hungry, angry mosquitos.  Usually they at least leave me alone while I am actually running, but not this year.   I also have never seen them travel in swarms as they seem to be doing currently.  Yikes!

Today's workout was tempo and hills!  Instead of running on the track, we ran on the trails at Bartlett.  The loop I ran was about 800m, it started uphill, had a nice long downhill, and then ended on a major uphill.  My times were pretty consistent 4:04, 4:08, 4:04, 4:02.  I had ~4:00 recoveries in between intervals.  I was pretty excited that the last one was the fastest because I was pretty sure I was going super slow.  It felt like running through mud.  

Doug's nugget of wisdom for this week was that I need to start incorporating faster bits into my longer runs.  Otherwise my body will get used to running for a long time at a really slow pace (duh! why didn't I realize that?).  So, new plan for my next long run is to pick three hills to run up at tempo (as long as my long run buddy/coach/aunt is up for it).  

Off to shower and start dinner.  Kiva has obedience graduation tonight!  She will officially have as many degrees as me (and more degrees than John)!