doggie school

On Wednesday night I had the opportunity to go to obedience class with John and Kiva.  This was the fourth week, but I have had to work every Wednesday night since it started, so it was nice to finally be able to go.All I can say is that Kiva is pretty much exactly like I was in school.  She was very well behaved, but completely bored.  Granted she didn't do everything exactly right, she did the minimum required to get her treat (that pretty much sums up my academic philosophy).  At times it was clear that she thought the whole thing was beneath her.  Her expression clearly read, really? I just have to stand here and I get a treat? (the command was "stand" and then "stay" so they could be examined).

(Pardon the small problems)

Hopefully she can keep it together long enough to get through this class and another class so she can start doing things that challenge her!