dog communication

A couple of nights ago there was an earthquake.  That is definitely not an uncommon occurrence in these parts, but what I didn't know was that my dog was trying to tell me it was coming!

Photo May 05, 8 45 46

She was restless, panting, and pacing and refused to calm down.  She kept jumping on John, who was sitting on the couch and jumping off and making a circle and lying down and getting up again.  We both got really annoyed with her, yelled at her, and made her lie down.  She's usually pretty good about being calm in the house if she has had a walk or run that day.  I kept asking her "what is wrong with you?"

Well about 30 minutes later there was an earthquake, and I realized that she knew it was coming.  

Photo May 05, 20 24 01

I think Kiva and I generally communicate pretty well.  I use my words and she uses her many facial expressions and actions.  Apparently this communication process works much better when I'm the one who is trying to communicate with her.  Apparently when she tries to communicate with me, I'm not very good at understanding.

I suppose it's much harder when she is trying to communicate about an unscheduled, undocumented event that will happen sometime in the near future, such as an earthquake.  

I'm going to have to work on better listening skills when it comes to dog communication...