documenting 2012: week 1

I'm a little behind on this, but I finally got around to actually putting together my first week of "do it my own way Project Life."The left page features a couple of photos from New Years at well as the results of my moment of insanity (i.e. organizing, purging, and cleaning). On the right page there are a few bits from a couple of new gadgets I have (more on that soon), and some random photos from throughout the week.  Simple, but that's what I wanted. I decided that I liked the look of the rounded corners after I sewed everthing into the left page, so the two sides don't match...but I've never been one to have things match so it's no big deal. I haven't sewed the page protector on the right side yet because I have to put together the first part of week two before I sew everything together.  Hopefully week two will be done by the end of this week (it's all planned out...I just have to actually DO it).