documenting 2012

For some reason I feel the need to document 2012 more than just here.  I'm obsessed with wanting to remember the "everyday."  Probably because I'm getting old and starting to forget things that I never thought I would forget (also because my every day life, though relatively unexciting, is pretty darn good).There are a million ways to go about this ginormous task (apparently spell-checker actually recognizes ginormous as a word...).  After much research and gawking over what other people who want to preserve their memories for when their memory no longer works, have done, I settled on something similar to the Project Life concept.  First, I wanted to buy all the pretty things she has on her website and use them...but then I decided that would be a bad idea because I'm not 100% sure that I'm going to make it through the year with this project, or if I will really even care about it in 3 months.  So I developed my own system.  It's almost the same, just smaller scale and more homemade. I am going to use 8x8 page protectors and sew them into two 4x6 pockets and two 4x2 pockets.  I plan on printing everything at home and (mostly) using what I already have around me to make things look pretty.  If, at the end of the year, I have kept up and am satisfied with this method, I might consider buying the actual "system" next year.  We shall see. Here's my cover page: I made the 2012 card myself using the preset patterns in Adobe Illustrator (I was being lazy), I just changed the colors.  The month card is from my Moleskine Color-A-Month planner, the photo is from when we were in Turkey, and the initial card I made using a free download for graph paper. The only problem I foresee with this method is that I have to make both the front and back of the page at the same time since I am sewing the bottom parts into place.  It is possible to score one side of the sewn pocket in order to remove things (I know, I already had to do that on the other side of this page), but that seems like a lot of work...and the goal here is not a lot of work. I will try to post updates every so often, but I promise nothing.