Photo Aug 19, 12 35 55 Photo Aug 19, 17 13 10 Photo Aug 20, 08 22 58 Watching too much junk on TV.

Wishing that it was winter. My ideal weather is 25 and snowing. Not 75 and sunny or 60 and raining. Maybe someday I'll get to remember how that feels.

Loving new to me podcasts. Raise Your Hand and Say Yes, The Lively Show, Nom Nom Paleo Podcast, and Reply All are my current favorites.

Dreading the start of the new semester. I'm excited to be one step closer to being done with school, but I've really enjoyed my break. Back to the grind next week!

Visiting friends in Portland.

Eating ice cream for dinner while on vacation.

Enjoying all the delicious food that Portland has to offer.

Making sure I get a little bit of exercise in even though it's incredibly hot and I'm on vacation. I've managed 10,000 steps two days in a row. This also leads me to believe that I need to move to a place where walking is something that is a part of daily life, not just something you do to exercise the dog.