creating my 2013 training log

I like paper and notebooks.  I didn't realize how much I liked them until I started tracking all of my miles online and in a spreadsheet.  I always had the urge to print out the spreadsheet and keep it in a binder so I could have a paper record of what I've done.  For some reason it doesn't really feel like I've done anything unless I use a pen to write it down.  

That being said, I've had a ridiculously hard time coming up with a good way to log my running on paper.  I like that my online log can be used to make graphs (who doesn't love a good graph?), and can hold a lot of information that may or may not be important.  I've tried to create a spreadsheet that keeps the things that I think are important, but it's hard to make notes in a spreadsheet.  So, I decided I would go back to logging things on paper.  

I debated whether I should make up a log on the computer and print it out, use a 2013 planner, or just wing it and make something myself.  I decided to make something myself.   

At Fred Meyer I found a composition book with grid paper in it (I also adore grid paper…), so I decided I would start with that and turn it into something wonderful.  

I brought it home and covered it with some fun paper (I used this tutorial with some modifications).

Then I decided that I wanted both a month overview at the beginning of each month and then weekly pages to follow.  In my current system I had my plan written (in pencil) on month printouts and then I entered it into a spreadsheet (what I post on my "current training" page) and I entered it into the software I use to log my running online (because three copies are better than one?).  I discovered that I found the actual pieces of paper easiest to reference when I couldn't remember what I was supposed to do for the day.  

I counted squares and divided appropriately to get a month on a two page spread.  Then I got out my ruler and my pen and started drawing lines!


For the weekly pages I had a hard time decided how to break up the pages.  Most of the issue lies in the fact that my week starts on Sunday so either Sun/Mon have to share a space or Fri/Sat have to share (most calendars have the weekends sharing a line…but my weekends are broken up across weeks).  I decided Fri/Sat would probably be fine.  I could always adjust later. 

Initially I decided to have the layout resemble what you might see in a traditional printed planner, but then I remembered this tutorial and thought that making columns for days might work better.


This is obviously a work in progress and since I'm making it up as I go along (I have not outlined more than a week ahead since I don't want to commit until I decide I like the layout) I can change it to meet my needs whenever I want!