christmas 2014

The holidays are always busy around here.  John and I generally have to juggle three different sets of family engagements on any given holiday (his mom, my dad, and my mom).  Fortunately we do Christmas with his mom on Christmas Eve and then all of my family on Christmas day.  


On Wednesday, we both worked a half day and were home by 1pm.  I headed went out for a ski before dinner.  It was lovely...but a lot of work!

We went to his mom's house around 5pm.  We had seafood chowder and roasted veggies for dinner...delicious!  Then we did presents.  I got some awesome Icelandic yarn from his brother (who recently went to Iceland), the Apple magic mouse (amazing!), and some other goodies (coffee, a gift card for more yarn, and some spice mixed that turn into dip with one or two ingredients added).

Photo Dec 25, 12 57 51

Christmas morning we woke up late (well, I woke up at 6 and John at 8) and headed to my dad's house for breakfast.  He made creme brulee french toast (amazing).  Christmas morning breakfast has become a tradition with my dad since I moved out.  It works out well in the overall timing of family obligations.  

Photo Dec 25, 11 38 45

After we were fully stuffed from breakfast, we opened more gifts.  My dad and I got John new skis! I got a new Kindle (not here yet) and the FitBit band that measures your heart rate (not released yet, but coming in early 2015).  

Photo Dec 25, 10 51 45

The morning started out with dumping snow...and quickly turned 35, windy, and gross.  I think I'm giving up on winter.  

In the afternoon we headed to my grandma's house for late lunch (which also served as dinner) of ham and various other goodies (crab, spinach dip, cookies, etc.).

We were home by 4:30 and ended up sitting on the couch watching Hugo.   Then it was up to bed and some Veronica Mars after that.  

Overall a really great, and busy, couple of days...the only way it could have been better is if the snow had stuck around instead of turning to rain!  Hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and/or friends!  Next up, bring on the New Year!