calendar wallpaper

Since I cleaned my computer desktop last week, I've been thinking that I really under utilize it as a useful visual space (I use it to store things I'm too lazy to put into folders, but I can still enjoy looking at it).  I was looking at a tutorial online and I kept getting distracted by the authors computer desktop.  She had a really awesome background that had a calendar on it.I've never understood why anyone would need a calendar on the picture on their desktop, but I'm beginning to see the reasoning behind it.  I can't tell you how many times I've had to open up my calendar to look and see what day of the week such and such a date was on.  If there was a calendar on my desktop...I wouldn't have to open anything! I couldn't find any pre-made backgrounds with calendars that I liked, so I made my own with a pretty picture I got from the Marimekko Blog.  They offer a new desktop background with a calendar every month (so do a few other websites), but I didn't like the calendar format that they had, so I downloaded the photo and added my own calendar in Photoshop!

(I just realized that there's no 1 on the 10th...oops!)