busy weekend!

This weekend, unlike most of my weekends, was action packed!

On Friday I went running, did some school work, took my mom to a doctor's appointment, and then went do a dinner party.

Photo May 16, 4 09 44 PM

Saturday I did some more school work, re-potted some plants, had coffee with my dad, took a nap, and went to a BBQ at a friend's house.

Photo May 17, 8 24 50 PM

Sunday morning I got up and went for a long run, came home and showered quickly and then went to meet some friends at a lake nearby where I practiced my paddling skills in a pack raft.  I need to get out more and they have mentioned pack rafting several times, but we all thought it might be smart to make sure I felt comfortable with a paddle in stationary water before jumping into moving water.  It was a super nice day, so being out on the water was awesome!

Photo May 18, 5 22 01 PM

I did some more gardening, made dinner (salmon cakes! It's crunch time to get rid of all of last years salmon so we can get more!), and did some for fun reading.

Photo May 18, 9 39 57 PM

The weather has been unseasonably warm and sunny.  This is what May 17th looked like last year...

Photo May 17, 18 56 09

Compared to May 19th this year...dusty and smoky due to several fires burning and no precipitation.

Photo May 20, 5 57 52 AM


Kiva has been most unimpressed by the sudden increase in time spent sitting out the couch with a book.  She thinks school is really boring.

Photo May 19, 11 52 34 AM

Fortunately for her I have a run planned for sometime today, but obviously it's not happening soon enough for her tastes!