breakfast for dinner and breakfast

Last night for dinner, we had avocado bacon waffles topped with fried eggs.  I think they either sound good to you or gross, but regardless of how they sound, know that they were delicious.  

Photo Apr 19, 19 33 31
We didn't have the tomato suggested, so I put some salsa on top instead.  I have not ever experimented with savory waffles, but I think these will probably become a regular addition to our menu.  

For breakfast this morning, I was craving pancakes.  So I made some using this recipe from Nom Nom Paleo.  I also made a blueberry smoothie to round out the meal (almond milk, banana, and frozen blueberries).

Photo Apr 20, 8 09 10
Photo Apr 20, 8 10 03
The banana in the pancakes was enough to make them sweet so they did not require syurp.  I put a tiny bit on top anyway...for the flavor.  These pancakes would have also been delicious with any variety of nut butter on top.  

Side note: I realize I have not mentioned anything about the events at the Boston Marathon.  I don't plan to share my thoughts here either.  I don't have much to say about it, and spending my time overanalyzing something that was probably the result of irrational thinking is not high on my priority list.  I do wish to send my deepest sympathy and healing thoughts to those who were killed or injured and their families.  If I survive my first marathon this summer, I hope to run Boston some day.